Chuck Gammage.
Founder Animator. Creative Watchdog.

Born and raised in Canada, Chuck was deeply influenced by the works of the National Film Board and in particular Ryan Larkin's film Walking. Here Chuck saw an example of unique design and a great sense of motion - it left a lasting impression on Chuck's approach to animation.

After taking on the key role as Supervising Animator on the feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Chuck went on to direct several acclaimed commercials in London, England working alongside some of the most influential people in the business.

Chuck acknowledges the vast potential in putting great design into motion. It's this kind of challenge that led Chuck to create his own studio, where he and his team thrive on the limitless possibilities offered by the medium, while benefiting from Chuck's association with many of the world's most innovative designers and directors.

One recent example of this artistic innovation is Chuck's involvement as co-producer on Barna Alper and the National Film Board of Canada's award-winning documentary The Dark Years, directed and designed by John Halfpenny.

Currently Chuck has several television series in various stages of development.