More creative hands, more hands-on

In larger studios, you might find more people, offices and departments – but only one or two people actually working on your project. Chuck Gammage Animation is a true artist-driven studio. When you come to us with a vision, we listen to you. We'll help you choose the best director and medium to bring your brand or story to life. Then, you'll get the creative input of every expert designer and animator in our studio contributing to your project, plus as many sets of technical hands as we need to get the job done – on time and on any budget, without ever sacrificing quality.

If you can dream it, we can do it

Whether it's an animated series, a full-length feature or a commercial spot, Chuck Gammage Animation applies the charm and appeal of classic animation to any style you can dream up. Our studio boasts a highly varied team of talented directors, each of whom brings a different style, sensibility and vision to their projects – and we'll find the right one for yours.

How we work with you

Whether it's Flash or CGI, cel animation or marrying live action with animation, everything we create is produced to highest quality standards. And we involve our agency and entertainment clients at every stage. From concept and script, to clean animation and full colour composite, you'll have full access to the creative process.